'Bodies in motion' is an evening comprised of 3 dance performances – 3 contemporary dance premieres, 3 explorative adventures told with bodies, by young choreographers, the Artil Project participants. These performances were created in the past 2 months at Artil art incubator and are getting their final form right this very moment to be presented in front of you, dear viewers of Artil minifest.

Right after the performances there will be a discussion where you'll be able to express your own feelings, be it delight or disappointment. This format is an essential part of contemporary dance perception that couldn't be left out. So don't plan anything for Artil minifest evenings – leave room for new experience.

The performance starts: 19:00
Event Duration: Shows 1 hour 20 minutes + discussion 40 minutes
We're happy to invite you to the premieres of the following newborn contemporary dance artpieces:
We are all looking for something. But do we know what we are looking for? Acceptance, individuality, happiness, success, or actually something deeper in life? Aren't we all looking for the same thing? However, so often we feel lonely on this journey, unaware that those who are around us are looking too. A stream through space that reaches out to the unknown. Are we looking outside, reaching with our fingertips, watching with eyes, exploring with the soles of our feet? Or does the search go deep into the conscious and the unconscious?
EXIT (the best doesn't exist)
Attention! Today some very important experts are at the performance, so we kindly ask you to keep yourself cool. Don't get up from your seat, don't laugh out loud and, please, in no case start singing. We sincerely hope that performance will enrich your experience, and just for reminder, the exit is on the right.
We're moving through space limited by the starting and finishing points. What do our speed and movement trajectory depend on? Could the end of our moving lead us to the start again? Will it create a cycle, or even some self-closing system of cycles, ending infinitely in the beginning and starting in the end? Is there an escape from there? And is it needed anyway?
See description of another "Performing the invisible"