"Performing the invisible" – is an evening of 4 dance performances – 4 contemporary dance premieres, 4 explorative adventures told with bodies, by young choreographers, the Artil Project participants. These performances were created for the past 2 months at Artil art incubator and are getting their final form right this very moment to be presented in front of you, dear viewers of Artil minifest.

Right after the performances there will be a discussion where you'll be able to express your own feelings, be it delight or disappointment. This format is an essential part of contemporary dance perception that couldn't be left out. So don't plan anything for Artil minifest evenings – leave room for new experience.

The performance starts: 19:00
Event Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes + discussion 40 minutes
We're happy to invite you to the premieres of the following newborn contemporary dance artpieces:
I don't own anything, and I couldn't do it ever.
I don't own anything, and I don't need it at all.
I don't own anything, but I still can change everything.
I don't own anything, which means I really have everything.
IMSPACE: The ways of light
The mirror and reality show one truth. Sometimes I talk like my mother. Sometimes like my friend. I walk like my grandfather. I don't own my name. I consist of meetings (nice to meet you then). White light consists of colors. That`s what somebody said. This is my choreography and the sense of dance.
Alter Ego, or 7 scenes for the transformation of the Self
What if, wandering alone in your room in the evening, you take a side-glance at yourself in the mirror?..
The most interesting part of this piece was its creative process. What is presented onstage is just one of the choice options.
See description of another "Bodies in motion"