Contemporary dance is born here and now
Artil is an international contemporary dance project founded in Ukraine in 2016 as one of the activities of UA Contemporary Dance Platform
Goals of our project
Developing competence
to support young choreographers in their professional development in the field of contemporary dance
to facilitate integration of art communities and contexts of different European countries via culture exchange
to increase international networking and collaboration in the field of contemporary dance in order to help develop longstanding partner relationships
Structure of the project
consists of three stages that realize within a year
and complement each other
Project team
To realize our ambitious goals we gathered the best professionals in project and festival management
Oleksandr Manshylin
head of Artil 2019 project
Anton Ovchinnikov
founder of the project, mentor, organizer of Artil minifest in Kharkiv
Rose Breuss
head of Austrian team, curator of educational residency in Linz
Ryszard Kalinowski
head of Polish team, organizer of Artil minifest in Lublin
Jacek Łumiński
curator of educational residence in Lublin, organizer of Artil minifest in Bytom and Katowice
Maria Shurkhal
mentor of the project from the Austrian side
Anna Possarnig
organizer of Artil minifest in Vienna and Linz
Tetyana Tizenberg
mentor, responsible for logistics
2019 is a special year for Artil project, as it is realized due to cooperation of Ukraine, Austria and Poland, and is also taking part in Cultural Year Austria – Ukraine
History of the project
This year marks our 4th year of work, so we have a lot to remember
1st season – 2017
Artil project was initiated by the President of UA Contemporary Dance Platform Anton Ovchinnikov in Spring 2016 as a help for young choreographers of contemporary dance to practice preparing and presenting their own dance performances.
Head of the project: Anton Ovchinnikov
Curators: Yuliya Danylenko (Kharkiv), Olga Kebas (Kyiv), Krystyna Shyshkaryova (Kyiv), Yuliya Artemenko (Kherson), Anton Ovchinnikov (Kyiv).
Light artist: Yevgen Kopiov
All performances prepared in the framework of our pilot project were to become a part of the Ukrainian program of Zelyonka Fest festival in spring of 2017.

Open Call to participate in the project was announced on December 1, 2016. 27 people applied and 5 were selected. 5 curators from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kherson joined the project. The work was done at their bases, since the project didn't have any financial support and couldn't provide the venues for the art residencies.

In April 8-9 at the scene of Les Curbas Centre in the framework of Zelyonka Fest 5 first premieres of the Artil project were presented.
2nd season – Spring 2018
The second open call of Artil project was announced on December 4th 2017 with an idea to show the prepared performances at Zelyonka Fest in April 2018. Choreographers from all over Ukraine were able to apply; out of 13 applicants three were selected.
Head of the project: Anton Ovchinnikov
Curators: Yuliya Danylenko (Kharkiv), Olga Kebas (Kyiv),
Krystyna Shyshkaryova (Kyiv), Anton Ovchinnikov (Kyiv)
Light artist: Yevgen Kopiov
In its new season of work Artil incubator program was complete with 3 day course of workshops that were free for everyone to join.

Upon completion the participant choreographers returned to their cities and worked on their future performances for 6 weeks. Their curators worked with them via Skype conferences and video footage exchange.

In March 2018 the participants and curators gathered for their second collaborative session and presentation of Work in Progress. Yevhen Kopiov, the light artist, joined the creative process then. The following month during Zelyonka Fest at the scene of Les Curbas Centre Artil presented three more premieres.
3rd season – Autumn 2018
Artil became a winner of art projects competition of Ukrainian Culture Fund in autumn 2018. Financial support of this new institution completed the enthusiasm of the team with the resources necessary for realization of the project tasks, and gave Artil a push to separate the Artil premieres show into an independent festival: Artil minifest.
Head of the project: Oleksandr Manshylin
Curators: Maryna and Ruslan Baranov (Kyiv), Mariya Bakalo (Lviv), Yuliya Danylenko (Kharkiv), Olga Kebas (Kyiv), Oleksandr Manshylin (Kyiv)
Printing design: Nataliya Kushnir
Light artist: Yevhen Kopiov
Scenography: Yuliya Zaulychna
After the informational campaign among the graduates and an open competition, 6 choreographer participants were selected from Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Kyiv. Each one got their own curator.

In October 2018 the whole team – choreographers, dancers, musicians, curators – stayed together at the art residency at Anatoliy Zalevskyy Rizoma Art Studio in Berdychiv. On October 30th the results of the residency's work were presented in Kyiv in Work in Progress format.

The second residency took place at Les Kurbas Centre. Apart from daily rehearsals, it included Zhenya Kopiov's seminar on 'Lightography' ("Світлографія").

On November 22 Artil minifest was held for the first time, presenting the five following premieres of the project. This time we had online broadcasting of the performances, provided by our partner OpenTheatre. On November 25 and 26 the Artil minifest program was presented in Kharkiv and Lviv at ArtArea House of Culture and First theatre respectively.
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