Alisa Li
Musician-multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, practitioner, vibration healer.
"Music is the path to healing, because vibration affects the human body directly, with the ability to bypass one's ego and mental layers of the mind. Therefore, feeling the Performance's Space, we have a unique opportunity to combine the action on the stage with the audience with help of Sound, and to guide them all through discoveries, experiences and cognition."

The sound of the performance is my task. so, to sound everything, that is needed, it's not enough just to have musical skills of playing instruments. Sound is a part of the performance, it's basic characteristic, which carries a general vibration, including the main purpose and idea. So the musician's task is to listen, hear, and then detect the sound space, the same way the dance is born during the movement. Therefore, it is not enough simply to sound by yourself — working with performers, opening their individual sound, the ability to listen and sound with others (including the audience) and the space of performance itself is also a part of the sound-making process.

Such process for me is, of course, about presence and appearance of the Flowing state of mind through action, which is very inspiring.
Artil Project is a great opportunity to create something that goes from the heart, from the depths of sensations that arise in response to this World. To create, to implement and to share. In such a process, everyone has the opportunity to open their potential, to learn how to practice, despite all personal obstacles and, most importantly, to give fruits of his work to the audience.
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