ARTIL 2018 (autumn)

Krystyna Slobodianiuk

About Participant
Graduate from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts at 2018 on "contemporary dance" specialty. Dancer, choreographer, teacher, performer. She came to choreography from sport (champion of Ukraine in swimming, Master of sports).

Teachers: Anton Ovchinnikov, Anton Safonov, Kristina Shishkaryova, Ruslan Baranov, Da Soul Chung (South Korea / Germany), Chevi Muraday (Spain), Jorge Jauregui Allue (Basque Country), Erez Zohar (Israel), Rob Hayden (USA / Belgium) etc. In summer 2018 she took part of 35-days school-marathon on acting skills by KLIM, Ulyana Gorbachevska, Andrey Vipulis.

From 2015 to 2017 worked as dancer and teacher in Totem Dance Group.
Director — Krystyna Slobodianiuk
Music — Alisa Li
Scenography and costumes — Julia Zaulychna
Curator — Oleksandr Manshylin

Hecate. A goddess, a witch, a woman.
A queen, a virgin, a mother.
A beauty, a strength, a life.
What is her mission? What is her job?
Why cannot she leave? ...

Performers: Alla Kravchenko, Olha Lagus, Mariya Salo
Duration – 30 minutes

Mykyta Kravchenko

About Participant
Graduate of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University on specialty "general medicine"(2018). He turned to dance by chance, he was engaged in sports before: the world champion in aerobic gymnastics, Candidate Master of Sports from the wushu, the Ballroom dance champion of Europe.

Alexander Andrijashkin (Russia), Alexander Lyubashin (Russia), Leszek Bzdyl (Poland), Viacheslav and Alina Buchok, Kateryna Gimro, Artem Kuruoglu, Tetyana Proskurkina.

2014 — the finalist of TV series "Everybody Dance!"
2014-2018 — the head and the teacher of DNK Dance Centre in Zaporizhzhya.
2018 — dancer in Ukrainian Dance Theater, participant of "The Dialogs" immersive performance by U!ZAHVATI team.
Escape from Freedom
Director — Mykyta Kravchenko in collaboration with Alla Kravchenko
Music — Alisa Li
Costumes — Julia Zaulychna
Curator — Olga Kebas

Memory. Day. Freedom. Laughter. Fetters. Poison. Decision. Balance.
I wonder if my destiny is actually mine? Do I create in it happiness and sorrow, miracle and catastrophe, choice and freedom? Am I the creator and destroyer myself? The sooner I'll understand it, the sooner get off the ground?

Performers: Polina Beletskaya, Alla Kravchenko, Mariya Salo, Valeria Tsvircunova, Hanna Yakubovska.
Duration – 35 minutes

Dana Sarman

About Participant
Graduate from Odessa College of Arts and Culture in 2018 on specialty "contemporary dance". Teacher, choreographer, performer.

Learned from: Yuliia Tvorilova, Maryna Lymar, Lyudmyla Mova, Daniil Belkin, Aurora Lubos (Poland), Daniela Komędera (Poland), Janusz Orlik (Poland) and others. From February to May 2018 took part of "Unlimited: Making the Right Moves" inclusive art project by Candoco Dance Company (Great Britain) and UviMkneni Performing Arts Association.
The next one
Direction — Dana Sarman
Music — Alisa Li
Scenography and costumes — Julia Zaulychna
Curator — Mariia Bakalo

Why so much fabric? What are they doing? What are these props? Who are they? How did they get here? These are bodies? Why are they different? Where are they running? What happened? Why such an attitude? Is that a game? Are they getting free? Why is it here? Why do they beating out? How did they come to this? What are they dissatisfied with? What then? The next one?

Performers: Iryna Klymenko, Oleksandra Lytvyn, Valeriia Pavlishyna, Nikita Kravchenko, Violeta Matiushenko
Duration – 25 minutes

Valeriia Pavlishyna

About Participant
Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Law of Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University (2017). Dancer, teacher, choreographer.

Studied from: Anton Safonov, Anton Ovchinnikov, Ruslan Baranov, Julia Artemenko, Rob Hayden (USA/Belgium), Anna Ozerskaia (Russia), Külli Roosna&Kenneth Flak (Estonia/Norway) and others.
A Person-Portrait
Choreographer — Valeriia Pavlishyna
Curator — Olga Kebas

A Person is like a Portrait: only those feelings and emotions and painted on the canvas, which an artist wants to show. Can someone see the inner state of the painted? People hide true feelings and emotions to protect themselves from unwanted aftermath. How the External and the Internal effects each other?

Performers: Kate Kurman, Valeriia Pavlishyna
In performance the music of The Liquid Bloom is used.
Duration – 15 minutes

Denis Gavrilyuk

About Participant
Graduate of Rivne State University Of Humanities on "ballroom dance" specialty (2014). Dancer, choreographer, teacher. He turned to contemporary dance in 2012. In 2015 he created the E.G.O. Dance Dtudio.

During this period he took classes of Anton Ovchinnikov, Anton Safonov, Kristina Shyshkaryova, Iryna Plotnikova, Viacheslav Buchоk, Yaroslav Kainar, Javier Martinez (Spain).
Why do children need adults
Director — Denis Gavrilyuk
Curator — Anton Ovchinnikov

Who are we for children? Who are we, adults, for children: friends, enemies, support? What is our role in their lives?

Performers: Kateryna Stahnyuk, Denis Gavrilyuk.
In performance the music of the Kronos Quartet is used.
Duration – 15 minutes

Tetiana Znamerovska

About Participant
Graduate of Vinnitsa College of Culture and Arts (2015), chair of directing and choreography of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (2017). Choreographer, performer, teacher.

Studied from: Lyudmila Koundyuk, Lilia Grazhulis, Kristina Shishkaryova, Ruslan Baranov, Anton Ovchinnikov, Anton Safonov, Olga Kebas, Tamara Maksymenko, Mariia Bakalo.
Overboard with Abortion
Choreographer — Tetiana Znamerovska
Audio set — Alexander Garbar
Video — Victoriia Soloviuk
Curator — Kristina Shishkaryova

Raped youth, unwished hands and unwanted pregnancy. Scared by seeing a victim tag on oneself, woman stays face to face with her own wounds. But do these wounds have chance to heal if you gestate a memory of violence in your womb?
That is a question: to become a mother or a murderer?

Performers: Daryna Turash, Тaras Voloh
Duration – 14 minutes
Olena Krikovluk &
Oleksandra Zakharova
About Participant
Olena Krikovluk
Graduate of "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" on specialty "system analysis and management"(2011).

From 2011 took part in workshops, intensives and residencies of Ukrainian and foreign teachers: Viacheslav and Alina Buchok, Anton Safonov, Anton Ovchinnikov, Anastasiia Rembetska, Tatiana and Maksim Mishin, Aleksanra Rudik, Ruslan Baranov, Alexander Andrijashkin (Russia), Olga Labovkina (Belorussia), Dmitrijs Gaitjukevichs (Latvia), Rob Hayden (USA/Belgium), Jorge Jauregui Allue (Basque Country), Tomas Mettler (Switzerland) and others.

Oleksandra Zakharova
Graduate of Kyiv Slavonic University on specialty "tourism and administrative management" (2012). Fascinated by the art of dance since childhood, learned classical and contemporary choreography at the studio of children art center.

From 2011 took part in workshops and residencies of Ukrainian and foreign specialists of contemporary dance and performance: Viacheslav and Alina Buchok, Anton Ovchinnikov, Olena Chuchko, Kristina Shishkaryova, Мaryna Lymar, Мaida Withers (USA), Iwona Olszowska (Poland), Dmitrijs Gaitjukevichs (Latvia), Alexander Lyubashin (Russia).
On the Alert
Directing — Оleksandra Zakharova, Olena Krikovluk
Music — Volodymir Zakharov
Curator — Kristina Shishkaryova

My city is a design of noises, sounds, smells, darkness, light [and sources which produces them].
These all influence my choice, my awareness, change my route, interrupt or conduce... Am I able enough to adapt?
Do I realize and control? Or just cease noticing mediated influence?

Performers: Оleksandra Zakharova, Olena Krikovluk
Duration – 20 minutes

Alyona Snezhyk

About Participant
Graduate of Kyiv Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts (2013), University of Culture and Arts on "contemporary dance" specialty (2015), Academy of Culture and Arts Management as master.

In 2016 she learned in P.A.R.T.S school for contemporary dance (Belgium).
Teacher and choreographer in Totem Dance School
Choreographer — Alyona Snezhyk
Curator — Olga Kebas

There is so much of energy in each human-being, that it could be enough to lighten the whole city… during a whole week. Each has its own electricity, one has only to allow to charge himself and others.

Dancers: Oleksandra Belinska, Anastasiya Mykhailenko, Malika Nazarova
Duration – 20 minutes

Oksana Larchenko

About Participant
Graduate of Odessa National Polytechnic University (2013) on specialty "economic cybernetics". Was interested with choreography from 2010. Had been doing gymnastics from her childhood, Candidate Master of Sports.

Now she is a dancer and teacher in Insight Dance Studio in Kherson.
Learned from: Yuliia Artemenko, Anton Safonov, Anastasiia Rembetska, Viacheslav and Alina Buchok, Anton Ovchinnikov, Ruslan and Marina Baranov, Kristina Shishkaryova, Eszter Gál (Hungary).
In 2015 she took part of the Cultural Dialogues — DANCEFormation project (Bremen, Germany), then studied in Academy for Actors of Social Change (Hungary, 2018).
Choreographer — Oksana Larchenko
Curator — Yuliia Artemenko

Have you noticed the incredible speed with which everything sweeps in our world? Leaving only memories. In constant haste and the pursuit of time, we do not notice how the best we have — our life, flies by. Perhaps we should stop? Make Pause? To reload? After all, moments of happiness, joy, surprise, delight are invaluable.

Performers: Anastasiya Vakhnyak, Tetiana Zakharova, Oksana Larchenko
Duration – 13 minutes

Olga Drobysh

About Participant
Graduated in 2014 from Kharkiv State Academy of Culture at the specialty of "contemporary dance". Leader of LEV Dance School in Kharkiv, teacher at Contemporary Choreography Chair in KSAC, dancer, choreographer.

Learned also at Season schools of Totem Dance Group, took workshops from Candoco Dance Company, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, studied Gaga Body Language at Yaniv Abraham classes. As a DASS Project participant, learned in 2018 in three dance companies of Israel: Batsheva, Kibbutz, Vertigo.
Creation — Olga Drobysh
Curator — Julia Danilenko

Since ancient times, hair has been treated very tenderly. Ancestors believed that the hair — tousles — is a kind of antenna that binds a woman to the universe. Three-strands braids, which girls wove until a marriage, were a symbol of unification of the present, past and future. In our time the attitude to the hair is quite different. Did they become an accessory? Or do they still contain our power?

Performers: Hanna Vynogradenko, Oleksandra Otkydach, Lilia Shatokhina
In performance the music of DakhaBracha band is used
Duration – 11 minutes