Dana Sarman
Graduate from Odessa College of Arts and Culture in 2018 on specialty "contemporary dance". Teacher, choreographer, performer.

Learned from: Yuliia Tvorilova, Maryna Lymar, Lyudmyla Mova, Daniil Belkin, Aurora Lubos (Poland), Daniela Komędera (Poland), Janusz Orlik (Poland) and others. From February to May 2018 took part of "Unlimited: Making the Right Moves" inclusive art project by Candoco Dance Company (Great Britain) and UviMkneni Performing Arts Association.
The next one
Direction — Dana Sarman
Music — Alisa Li
Scenography and costumes — Julia Zaulychna
Curator — Mariia Bakalo

Why so much fabric? What are they doing? What are these props? Who are they? How did they get here? These are bodies? Why are they different? Where are they running? What happened? Why such an attitude? Is that a game? Are they getting free? Why is it here? Why do they beating out? How did they come to this? What are they dissatisfied with? What then? The next one?

Performers: Iryna Klymenko, Oleksandra Lytvyn, Valeriia Pavlishyna, Nikita Kravchenko, Violeta Matiushenko
Duration – 25 minutes
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