Oksana Larchenko
Graduate of Odessa National Polytechnic University (2013) on specialty "economic cybernetics". Was interested with choreography from 2010. Had been doing gymnastics from her childhood, Candidate Master of Sports.

Now she is a dancer and teacher in Insight Dance Studio in Kherson.
Learned from: Yuliia Artemenko, Anton Safonov, Anastasiia Rembetska, Viacheslav and Alina Buchok, Anton Ovchinnikov, Ruslan and Marina Baranov, Kristina Shishkaryova, Eszter Gál (Hungary).
In 2015 she took part of the Cultural Dialogues — DANCEFormation project (Bremen, Germany), then studied in Academy for Actors of Social Change (Hungary, 2018).
Choreographer — Oksana Larchenko
Curator — Yuliia Artemenko

Have you noticed the incredible speed with which everything sweeps in our world? Leaving only memories. In constant haste and the pursuit of time, we do not notice how the best we have — our life, flies by. Perhaps we should stop? Make Pause? To reload? After all, moments of happiness, joy, surprise, delight are invaluable.

Performers: Anastasiya Vakhnyak, Tetiana Zakharova, Oksana Larchenko
Duration – 13 minutes
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