ARTIL 2018 (autumn)
In autumn of 2018, the Artil Project became the winner of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation's artistic projects contest. The financial support of this new institution added to the enthusiasm of the team the necessary resources to implement the project's tasks.
After the information campaign and the opened competition, six participants-choreographers, graduates from Odessa, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Kyiv were selected. A curator from the project team was assigned to each of them.

During the second half of October, the whole group: choreographers, dancers, musicians, curators resided in Rizoma Art Studio of Anatoly Zalewsky in the city of Berdychiv.On October 30, the result of the residency was presented in Kyiv as "work in progress" with following discussion.
The second residency took place at The Les' Kurbas State Centre for Theatre Arts. In addition to daily rehearsals, it included Yevhen Kopiov's "Lightography" workshop.

On November 22 in Kyiv, the performance of five premieres, which were the result of the project, took place. Besides the spectators of the theatrical laboratory of Les' Kurbas Center, the internet-audience saw the performance. The online-broadcast was provided by Open Theater as a partner of the project. Then the Artil program toured to Kharkiv and Lviv.
Team of the project 2018 (autumn)
Leader: Oleksandr Manshylin
Curators: Maryna and Ruslan Baranovy (Kyiv), Mariia Bakalo (Lviv), Yulia Danilenko (Kharkiv), Olga Kebas (Kyiv), Oleksandr Manshylin (Kyiv)
Lighting designer: Yevhen Kopiov
Scenographer: Julia Zaulychna
Polygraphy designer: Natalia Kushnir
Web design: Valerii Loginov
PR Manager: Kateryna Tiahlo
Participants of Artil 2018 (autumn)
Partners of the project
Media partners
ARTIL 2018 (spring)
The second open call of Artil Project was announced the 4th of December 2017, in order to show the prepared works in frames of Zelyonka Fest in April. Choreographers from all over Ukraine could apply. Three participants from the thirteen applicants were selected.
The work was organized the following way: first, the January 19-21, curators provided a cycle of workshops for not only participants but all the comers also.

Then the choreographers came back to their cities and worked on their future performances during six weeks.

The work with curators was effectuated through Skype conferences and video sharing.
In March, everybody gathered for a second joint session and a "work in progress" performance. Also the lighting designer Yevhen Kopiov joined a creative process.

As planned, the completed works made part of Zelyonka Fest program on Les' Kurbas Center stage.
Team of the project 2018 (spring)
Leader: Anton Ovchinnikov
Curators: Julia Danilenko (Kharkiv), Olga Kebas (Kyiv), Kristina Shishkaryova (Kyiv), Anton Ovchinnikov (Kyiv)
Lighting designer: Yevhen Kopiov
Participants of Artil 2018 (spring)
Partners of the project
ARTIL 2017
The Artil Project was initiated by Anton Ovchinnikov, President of the Association "Contemporary Dance Platform" in the autumn of 2016. The purpose of the project is to provide to young choreographers of contemporary dance the practical assistance in the preparation and presentation of their own creative works.
It was conceived that all performances prepared within the framework of this pilot project will form a part of the Ukrainian program of Zelyonka Fest in the spring of 2017.

The open call for participation was announced on December 1, 2016. 27 applications took part of the contest and five of them were selected. Five curators joined the project — from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kherson. The preparation of the future performances took place at their own working spaces, because the project had no financial support and couldn't provide the creative residences.

These five new performances were presented at Les' Kurbas Center the April 8-9 in frames of Zelyonka Fest.
Team of the project 2017
Participants of Artil 2017
Partners of the project

Join us

Oleksandr Manshylin

Educator, choreographer, researcher, organizer of "Dance Space" festival and "Artil Project 2018".

The author of the lecture course "The History of Modern Dance". Choreographer and co-director of performances in the repertoire of Kyiv Molodyy Theater, Golden Gates Theater, Chernihiv Molodizhny Theater.

The author of texts about modern and contemporary dance for magazines "Dance in Ukraine and in the World", "Proscaenium", "Dance Studies", "Contemporary dance at the post-Soviet space" book.

Anton Ovchinnikov

Performer, choreographer, manager and organizer of educational and art projects in performing arts.
Founder of the dance company Black O!Range Dance Productions (since 2008).
Co-founder and artistic director of Zelyonka FEST — international festival of contemporary dance theater (since 2010).
Co-founder and President of the Association "Contemporary Dance Platform".
Initiator and co-organizer of Artil Project.

Ruslan and Maryna Baranovy

Танцівник, перформер, хореограф, вчитель контактної імпровізації. 1999-го року на фестивалі «Літні танцювальні тижні у Відні» познайомився з КІ, Flying Low та Axis Syllabus, після чого почав викладати КІ та contemporary dance в Україні. Організатор Клубу КІ в Києві, Фестивалю ДЖЕМ-ХАОС, Міжнародного фестивалю КІ в Києві, Contact-session у Криму, Зимового фестивалю КІ в Карпатах, Фестивалю танцювальних імпровізацій PushOK, Вечорів імпровізації IMPRO STORE. Створив безліч хореографічних та імпровізаційних перформансів, серед яких «H2OOO», «ЧБ», «БалетКІ», «оКІ доКІ», «імпровизація без Я», «КАЛЕЙДОСКОП». Викладач КІ в Київському національному університеті культури і мистецтв.

Olga Kebas

Teacher of contemporary dance at the college of choreographic art "Serge Lyfar Kyiv Municipal Academy of Dance", dancer, performer. Since 2010 — founder and leader of the project for supporting contemporary dance in Ukraine "Collage of the Space of Action". Since 2012 — leader of the international cultural project "The interaction of dance and music". In 2014 she had a creative residency at the University of Arts in Poznan (within the Gaude Polonia scholarship program of the Ministry of culture of Poland). 2014-2016 — curator of the Performing Arts Program of The Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST.

Choreographer and performer of a numerous works in frames of choreographic, theatrical and musical festivals and concerts: GogolFest, ArtPole, Zelyonka Fest, TEDxKyiv, PushOk, Ukrainian Spring (Poland), Generator Malta (Poland), International Dance Theater Meetings (Poland).

Mariia Bakalo

Choreographer, performer, movement explorer. She works in Lviv: earlier as a teacher at the chair of directing and choreography of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, currently as a freelance artist and a head of the dance performers community. She works with people and for people, experimenting with the form and methods.

Julia Danilenko

Choreographer, teacher. During 2009-2016 she created performances for the "Laboratory of Theatrre" dance theater. The organizer of "Dance Act Festival". Teacher of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. Choreographer in Contemporary Dance studio. Participant of many festivals and projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Kristina Shishkaryova

She is the author of eight performances and more than two hundred short dances, a teacher of contemporary dance, a jury member of numerous international and national contests.

Founder of Totem Dance Group (since 2010), which consists of the dance school, the professional company and the creative studio.
During 2014-17 she was curating the dance program of The Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST.
Initiator, teacher and manager of following programs:
Pro Teacher — for dance teachers
Creative Pro — for choreographers and performers
Social Sunday Classes — for dance amateurs

Julia Artemenko

Dancer, choreographer, teacher, creative director of Insight dance studio. Organizer of educational projects, studio events. Also a performer and a choreographer of "Insight dance group".

Kateryna Tiahlo

PR-manager of art-projects, sociologist, research fellow, National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Author of scientific articles and essays about cultural sociology and sociology of arts. Researcher of modern Ukrainian fiction and theatre. Co-founder of «Centre of Critical Art» charity foundation. Since 2014 takes part of different theatrical and art-projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Ievgen Kopiov

Lighting designer, educator. He works in Les' Kurbas National Centre for Theatre Arts. His work with light started from participation in course on Light Equipment & Technique of Lighting by Erik van Raalte та Desirée van Gelderen. During 2007-2010 he took part of MAPA Project (Moving Academy for Performing Arts). He developed lighting design for numerous stage creations. Since 2011 he teaches a "Lightography" workshop for directors, choreographers and scenographers.

Valerii Loginov

Traveler, explorer, creator.

Alisa Li

Musician-multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, practitioner, vibration healer.
"Music is the path to healing, because vibration affects the human body directly, with the ability to bypass one's ego and mental layers of the mind. Therefore, feeling the Performance's Space, we have a unique opportunity to combine the action on the stage with the audience with help of Sound, and to guide them all through discoveries, experiences and cognition."

The sound of the performance is my task. so, to sound everything, that is needed, it's not enough just to have musical skills of playing instruments. Sound is a part of the performance, it's basic characteristic, which carries a general vibration, including the main purpose and idea. So the musician's task is to listen, hear, and then detect the sound space, the same way the dance is born during the movement. Therefore, it is not enough simply to sound by yourself — working with performers, opening their individual sound, the ability to listen and sound with others (including the audience) and the space of performance itself is also a part of the sound-making process.

Such process for me is, of course, about presence and appearance of the Flowing state of mind through action, which is very inspiring.
Artil Project is a great opportunity to create something that goes from the heart, from the depths of sensations that arise in response to this World. To create, to implement and to share. In such a process, everyone has the opportunity to open their potential, to learn how to practice, despite all personal obstacles and, most importantly, to give fruits of his work to the audience.